A Virtual Employee or Virtual Assistant is a person who provides different kind of administrative, technical, analytical and other professional assistance for a company from a remote onshore or offshore location or a home office.

We provide you fully skilled and committed offshore employees at 30-50% less cost who value your business and determined in achieving targets.


Q. Is Right Step an outsourcing company?
A. No. Right step is a recruitment firm who provides, administers and manages quality virtual staff to offshore clients as per their needs and requirement.
Q. Why Virtual Staffing is beneficial?
A. Virtual Staffing cuts considerable amount of time and cost for foreign clients and makes talent readily available for SMEs and emergency projects of variable durations.

Q. Will I be in problem due to different point of contacts and varying support levels?
A. No. We provide dedicated account managers/consultants to our clients who are well equipped with domain and recruitment expertise.
Q. We have been using our own CRMs and other existing technologies. Will our virtual staff be able to use the same.
A. Yes. We have quality IT infrastructure and can easily integrate with your existing process as per your needs.
Q. How much will it cost; as my need may change from time to time and might be unique?
A. I addition to our standard pricing quotes, we develop customized packages as per your project needs.
Q. How can I be sure of the productivity of the selected employees as I have not worked with them?
A. We give you trial work with candidate/s selected by you before he is finally hired by you. There is no obligation attached with the trial period.
Q. What if due to different reasons our relationships do not work out with an employee?
A. We provide replacement of that employee within a pre-determined time interval as per your specific needs.

Q. Is Right Step an outsourcing company?
A. No. Right step is a recruitment firm who provides, administers and manages quality virtual staff to offshore clients as per their needs and requirement.
Q. Why are your rates are very low? Does that also mean less quality?
A. Our focus is to provide best Indian talents as potential virtual employees at most competitive rates . We enjoy a large availability of Indian talent pool and lower cost of living. Moreover, the clear difference in the salary levels of Indian & US/UK/AUS job markets and exchange rate benefits act as a dividend for us. So, we don�t compromise in quality parameters.

Q: Is there a minimum contract for a Virtual Employee ?
A. No. Our payments are prepaid ones. If the client doesn�t prepay or inform us, we usually make preparations to reassign the VA to another client. It is to be noted that we pay the virtual employees their regular salaries whether they are working with a client or not so we have to be fast to assign them with another client.

Q: Is my business secrets safe with Right Step?
A. Yes. We provide a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between us and our employees and between you and our company. We will also regularly monitor all communications of our agents. We also don�t allow cell phones to be brought to their workstations.

Q. What kind of infrastructure do you have in place?
� Latest Core Duo 2 Processor Machines with 4 GB of RAM
� Inverter and Generator Backup on 24/7 basis

High Speed Internet Connectivity from 3 different vendors to ensure 100% uptime.

Q. How does Right Step handle escalations? How are client�s interests protected?
A. We have clear termination clauses in the contract. On the other hand, effective escalation solutions are provided to stop such incidents.

- At first level the issue is brought before the Dedicated Consultant/Team Leader by the client.
- Second level of escalation is brought to the notice of Virtual Staffing Head.
- Third and last level of escalation shall be brought in notice to the Director.

Q. Does the client have to communicate with all my staff to accomplish any group assignments?
A. No, you will be assigned an experienced dedicated consultant whose sole job is to communicate with you as the client and delegate the tasks to the right member of staff. You will only deal with them.

Q. Can you explain me how can we reduce our cost by 30-50%?
A. Minimum salary range in USA/UK/Australia/Canada/Singapore/Middle East is US$ 2,500 whereas remote employee can be hired for as low as US$ 1,000 which directly indicates that the salaries can be saved by far more then 30-50%. Further client does not need to bear cost of retiral benefits, bonus , Paid Holidays, etc.

Q. What about the security and confidentiality of our data?
� Access to client information is limited only to the remote employee/team of a particular client and Team Leader. A partial access is given to the Management in case of escalations.
� Moreover we prefer to connect to the remote client system through IVPN and work remotely which prevents direct access to the files.
� Based on client�s requirement we can also arrange for a dedicated server for them in our office at India at minimal fees.
� High level security system is employed at our workstations.
� We do not allow cameras / mobile phone with cameras within the office premises.
� Moreover we encourage our clients to sign an agreement with every individual Remote Employee thus ensuring total security of your information.